Learning difficulties

Many children have difficulties learning and some may be diagnosed with a Specific Learning Disorder (SLD). Children may have an SLD of reading (dyslexia), written expression (dysgraphia) or mathematics (dyscalculia) or a combination of these.


Below are a list of resources for those with learning difficulties & SLDs:

  • SPELD NSW – provides more information about SLDs, how adjustments may be made to improve learning outcomes for those with an SLD
  • An essential guide to learning difficulties for parents/carers by AUSPELD
  • All about learning disabilities & ADHD – LD online
  • LDC – Learning Difficulties Coalition (NSW) – information & support for parents/carers/educators regarding learning difficulties & related conditions including ADHD, autism & communication difficulties
  • Understood.org – a website dedicated to providing information about learning and thinking differences including ADHD.


Other pages of interest: