Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder in which individuals have difficulties in a number of areas including socialising. This may manifest with having trouble understanding social cues and norms, interpreting emotions and facial expressions and challenges understanding and communicating with others. In addition to social difficulites, individuals may have obsessions or fixations, display repetitive ways of playing or using language, trouble adjusting to changes in routine or environments¬† and may have sensory differences – they may have aversions to, or may seek, certain sensations. ‘Symptoms’ of autism arise early on in childhood, although some individuals with mild symptoms may not be diagnosed until later childhood, or in fact not at all. The ‘symptoms’ vary with no two individuals with autism being the same. Autism spectrum australia (Aspect) has more information about this condition, including seeking a¬† diagnosis and embarking on appropriate intervention.

How is Autism diagnosed?

Autism is diagnosed by health professionals skilled in understanding the symptoms and signs, gathering information about a child’s function. Clinicians involved in the process may include psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapits and paediatricians. Sometimes ‘screening’ questionnaires may be utilised to identify children whom need more thorough evaluation. La Trobe University has developed a free App (ASDetect) for parents to use for young children (under 2.5 years of age) to help identify ASD in this age group. Further general information about diagnosis can be found here.

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